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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the iSeries-toolkit?

Follow the installation instructions found on the documentation page.

How often is a new version of the iSeries-toolkit released and why so often?

The iSeries-toolkit follows the mantra of "release early, release often". Because of this, iSeries-toolkit releases will come every few weeks. Once the base functionality is established, which should occur early in 2002, releases will continue at a slower pace.

How can I be notified when there is a new release?

Sign up for a free SourceForge account (if you haven't done so already), log in, and then click on the monitor icon: Monitor This Package found here or on the project summary page to toggle notification on and off.

How do I report a bug, ask for support, or request a new feature?

Simply go to the bug reporting, support, or feature request page. To track the status of one of these go to the tracker page.

Are the commands used to create iSeries-toolkit objects listed somewhere?

The CL program build is used to create the objects for every release. After the build program is run, the owner of all objects is changed to qpgmr.

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